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Animal Ark for Parties

Book us for a creature feature party. Based on our hugely popular schools service, we can come along to entertain, and educate, your little creatures with ours.

Let your party people get to grips with, amongst others, Snowflake the blue-tongued lizard, Jet the black-headed python, Freddy the green tree frog and Twiggy the stick insect. This is fun filled wildlife entertainment and education.

Hands-on for any age.

One hour sessions.

Preferably 20 or less children.


From $400 + gst in Perth northern suburbs.

  • Entertainment and education.
  • Engaging, enthusiastic, professional presenters.
  • Interactive displays
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Licensed by DBCA Parks & Wildlife Service
  • Licensed wildlife rehabilitator
  • Insured
  • WWC
  • Visitors include; blue-tongue skinks, bob-tail lizards, bearded dragons, tree frogs, woma pythons, black-headed pythons and stimsons pythons, stick insects, spiders and mantids
"This was fantastic for both kids and adults, very hands on. Loved holding the frogs. The presenter was very informative and enthusiastic. Son wants a pet snake now! Thank you for a very enjoyable activity, it was well organised in a relaxed manner and David Manning was a pleasure to listen to."
DBCA Parks & Wildlife Service Nearer to Nature
workshop attendee