Emergency Snake Removal

Callout Details

Snake Catching in practice


Call 0466 688 188 or 08 9243 3044

We cover Perth Northern Suburbs.

For South of the River call Paul on 0439 941 004.


Fee: $195 company callout charged.

Discounts available for pensioners, health card holders, students.

Our trained professionals can help.

DBCA Parks & Wildlife Service Licensed Reg 17 Reptile Removalists.

We will catch and relocate snakes from your property if required.

For other SNAKE CATCHERS BY SUBURB click the link below:
RR17 Reptile Removalist List by Suburb (WA)

Wildcare Helpline for any sick, injured or orphaned wildlife on 08 9474 9055

Useful Tips

Snake Awareness Leaflet

DO NOT approach or corner the snake.

DO NOT attempt to catch or kill the snake.

DO NOT block off any potential exit the snake may leave of its own accord.


DO Remove dogs and children from the area.

DO keep still and move slowly. Snakes are very visually aware and may feel scared by sudden movement.

DO when safe observe the snake. It makes it easier for us to find it.


If the snake is offered cover - blanket, box, bin or similar - it will tend to hide and feel safe in a dark place.

Snakes usually only bite when trodden on or when fearful.


Click Here to download and view our Snake Awareness leaflet (PDF file).

  • DBCA Parks & Wildlife Service Regulation 17 licensed to handle and relocate venomous reptiles.
  • Experienced, professional fauna handlers.
Tiger snake in grass
Eastern Brown snake (Pseudonaja textilis)
Death Adder
Tiger Snake (Notechis scutatus)
Gwardar or Western Brown Snake (Pseudonaja mengdeni)