Keeping Reptiles as Pets

Bearded dragon lizard (Pogona vitticeps)

Would you like to know more about keeping reptiles and amphibians as pets?

David Manning of Animal Ark runs regular Reptile and Amphibian Keeping courses in Perth.

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You can buy copies of Need To Know Exotic Pets (ISBN 9780007262755, published by HarperCollins) direct from me for $27.00 inclusive of postage and packing within Australia. Need To Know Exotic Pets, by David Manning

What follows are excerpts from my latest book on the care of these more unusual or exotic pets. Hopefully these pages will act as a guide for anyone interested in learning more about these wonderful animals.

Native snakes, lizards and frogs make surprisingly good pets. Many of these attractive creatures can be kept in WA under a licensing system with DBCA Parks & Wildlife Service.


Keeping Reptiles and Amphibians

 An Introduction


Example Species Care pages from Need To Know Exotic Pets book by David Manning

 Black-headed python page
 Blue-tongued lizard page
 Green tree frog page


DBCA Parks & Wildlife Service Documents

 List of Approved Pet Herptofauna
 Application form for Keepers Licence
 Quarterly return form