Animal Ark in the Media

July 2016 - ABC Radio

Green tree frogs on branch

David Manning of Animal Ark talks about the frogs and other wildlife enjoying the wet winter in Perth. Broadcast on 720 ABC Perth in July 2016.

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June 2016 - ABC Radio

Adult tarantula (Phlogius crassipes). Photo: Robert Whyte, Commons Wikimedia

David Manning of Animal Ark talks about his new tarantula spiderlings. Broadcast on 720 ABC Perth in June 2016.

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May 2016 - ABC Radio


Until about the 1960s chemists used to sell frogs as a pregnancy test. David Manning from Animal Ark would help supply the frogs to the chemist shops. Find out why frogs determined if a woman was pregnant, and other froggy facts and trivia

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October 2014 - ABC Radio

ABC reporter with David Manning and a snake

This is an interesting (and at times hilarious) interview aired on ABC radio during Eoin Cameron's Breakfast show. ABC reporter Trixi Oldfield has been terrified of snakes since childhood and would like to overcome her fear.

David offers Trixi some useful advice along with plenty of snake handling practice.

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Eoin Cameron also did a follow-up interview with David who talks about the increase in snake numbers and how to deal with a snake bite.

January 2014 - Channel 7, Today Tonight

Channel 7 Today Tonight feature on Animal Ark Snake Handling Training

David and Animal Ark were featured on Channel 7's Today Tonight program. David explains what to do if you meet a snake out in the bush.

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ANIMAL ARK is a family owned and run business. Originally established over 25 years ago in London as a specialist consultancy, we brought our wildlife education and training services to Australia in 2006.

"I find working with children the most rewarding and enjoyable part of my job. If, through our Roadshows, I can spark a lifelong interest, understanding and care for all living creatures, and Australia's native fauna in particular, what greater job satisfaction can there be."
David Manning