Snake Avoidance Training for Dogs

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Jack Russell dog walking in bushland

We teach your dog to avoid snakes

"Snake proof" your dog

Many hundreds of dogs are bitten by snakes every year and sadly many die. If your dog survives the bite it can cost thousands of dollars at the vets for antivenom treatment. Data is hard to come by but Murdoch Vet Hospital, in their catchment area only, treated between 76 and 137 dogs for snakebite a year from 2007-2010.

Snake avoidance training for your dog is now available in WA through Animal Ark.

Our training is quick and effective. We use a low-level static correction collar to achieve this. This enables your dog to learn that close proximity to the interesting object (a snake) will be unpleasant and thus creates a negative association. This teaches the dog to make it's own decision to avoid snakes and the unpleasant reaction in the future.

It is very important that we use real venomous snakes under strictly controlled situations, as these are the dangerous species we want your dog to avoid. Fortunately we are very good with both snakes and dogs and are fully licensed with the DBCA Parks & Wildlife Service in WA to deliver wildlife education.

All the feedback for snake avoidance, or snake aversion, training shows that it works. Dogs vary hugely in learning ability. Retraining is advised every year for 2/3 years by which time most dogs have a thorough snake avoidance, snake proofing, education.

A dugite snake in Star Swamp, North Beach, WA

This practical, life saving training comprises:

  • One-on-one training
  • Training style briefing
  • Snakebite facts
  • First aid for your dog
  • Practical avoidance sessions with live non-venomous and venomous snakes
  • Local snake species used for the training
  • Strict safety protocols followed for snake handling
  • Suitable for any dog over 6 months old
  • Not suitable for aggressive dogs
  • Training session usually takes less than an hour
David Manning and dog

Trainer David Manning works with a variety of wildlife and is a registered wildlife rehabilitator.

David's company Animal Ark used to train and supply a huge variety of dogs for film, television and photographic work in the UK.

As a professional herpetologist David delivers DBCA Parks & Wildlife Service endorsed venomous snake handling and awareness training to companies and individuals throughout WA.

David has a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, is a 2012 Churchill Fellow, and a Fellow of the ZSL (Zoological Society of London).

"With my background in training and supplying animals for film and TV production, animal welfare and safety is always our highest priority." - David Manning

Photo: David Manning with his co-star presenting a dog safety programme in Auckland some years ago.

Some amazing footage from our weekend at Harradines Vet Bunbury. One of our clients, Dimi the kelpie cross, at play shortly after training. Watch the third throw of the stick and where it lands - spot the snake and see what Dimi does......

Some more videos of recent dog training - click to view on our Facebook page

$195 inc GST per dog. Pre booking online or by phone.


Northern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs, Perth Hills, SW WA. We are happy to travel and can usually arrange training in your area if 8 or more dogs book.

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Recommended by numerous
vets including

Harradine & Associates Veterinary Surgeons

The Roving Vet, Denmark

Balingup Mobile Vet Service

"I was very impressed with their safe professional approach, knowledge, calmness and ease with handling both the dogs and the snakes. Very happy we are with your expert snake avoidance training." Shelly & Koru
"We finally got a chance to check if the training had worked on Fergie. On a recent walk we came across 3 different tiger snakes and she definitely did not want to have anything to do with any of them! On each occasion once she saw them she moved away immediately while keeping an eye on them. I would (and have) strongly recommend your Snake Avoidance Training to anyone who cares for their dog." Carrol, Punch & Fergie
"Not long ago our STB Molly attended your snake avoidance training. We thought you might like to know that today she came upon 2 entwined dugites down by the beach. She was off lead and looked at them, sniffed the air then kept going." Janine & Molly
"We walked Rundle today out at the windfarms and came across 2 snakes on the path. Both times he kept a wide safe distance, 4 months old Lab X Collie pup. Thank you guys!" Ellie & Rundle
"In a flash I watched a snake slither past Derby and was pleased to see her stay at a distance even though she normally likes to chase all that moves. Interestingly she must have associated the snake with the training because she kept jumping in the air while sniffing the ground where the snake had just passed over. Obviously a very strong memory association and a very positive outcome. So glad we did the training last year." Helen & Derby, Labrador x retriever
"Millie was barking at the rose bush area and backed right off/away. We went out to check and saw a dugite there. The dog did not go near it. We are thrilled that the training worked." Bev & Millie, Jack Russell x
"I can highly recommend Animal Ark snake avoidance training; my Kelpie cross Ruby, 9 months old and a very full on dog, wouldn’t chase sheep up the race the other day because there was a dugite up there. Couldn’t have asked for a better reaction; we didn’t see it at first, but she knew it was there." Kylie & Ruby, kelpie x
  • DBCA Parks & Wildlife Service licensed providers of wildlife education and training WD000569
  • Trainer David Manning works with a variety of wildlife and is a registered wildlife rehabilitator. David's company Animal Ark used to train and handle a huge variety of dogs for film, TV and photographic work in the UK.
  • David Manning (Cert IV TAE) is engaging and effective with people and animals of all ages and abilities.
  • Regular Perth-based training.
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • WWC check