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There is just so much to learn about wildlife. The following pdf documents may be useful to you as educational support material for teachers and students, or for the general wildlife enthusiast.

Educational Support Material

At Animal Ark as well as teaching people about native animals, we also write books and articles. I have included here some we wrote for The West’s educational supplement ED!

Published articles


I also have a new book published by Collins on the care of exotic pets.

Need To Know Exotic Pets is the one-stop guide to owning unusual household pets.

The most suitable herptiles and invertebrates – for example lizards, snakes, frogs, stick insects, axolotls – are covered, although not all can be kept in Australia.

You can buy copies direct from us for $27.00 inclusive of postage and packing within Australia.

For more information on keeping reptiles have a look at our guide to Keeping Reptiles as Pets.

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