Wildlife Relocation

Wildlife Relocation / Fauna Spotting

The Wildlife Conservation Act 1950 requires that all native fauna be removed from trees and areas of bushland which are to be cleared for development and relocated to an appropriate relocation site. All native wildlife is protected by law and any wildlife relocation and release may only be undertaken by a DBCA Parks & Wildlife Service licensed relocator and must be conducted in accordance with the conditions of their license.

Where impacts on native fauna by development are likely to occur, a Fauna Management Plan (FMP) can be required. Animal Ark Pty Ltd can assist in the provision of an FMP for the management of any given fauna relocation project.

FMP’s should address:

  • Details, routines and duration of relocation activity.
  • Potential adverse impacts on fauna.
  • Legislative requirements.
  • Awareness of the conservation significant fauna of the area.
  • Reporting, recording and identification methods to be used.
  • Resources and personnel to be provided.
  • Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) for animal and staff health and safety.

Our fauna relocators are Reg 17 licensed personnel. Experienced in the use of appropriate trapping, handling and monitoring methods required by the DBCA Parks & Wildlife Service.

We are also truly passionate about our work and strive to perform above and beyond the usual expectations.

Wildlife Rehabilitation

David Manning of Animal Ark is a DBCA Parks & Wildlife Service licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. We work closely with other wildlife rehabilitators and can assist and or advise on all fauna related rehabilitation or relocation demands.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.