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Girl with green tree frog

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Our HOLIDAY / OUT OF SCHOOL service provides class sized educational workshops and visit children aged from K – Yr12.

We can give your kids the experience of a lifetime with hands-on, interactive nature-based education with real live lizards, frogs, insects and snakes – all direct to your centre. Charge those cameras!

Why not book us now to educate and entertain your little creatures with ours.


We have a minimum fee of $897 + gst for a visit, which represents up to 2 x 1 hour sessions.

We charge a fee of $299 + gst per additional session, with a maximum of 30 kids per session. We can accommodate up to 6 sessions per day. For outer Perth and country areas a mileage fee will be charged.

Client to provide: Indoor setting (ideally). Please provide one or two tables for us to set up on, plus 3 further tables for the children, each seating up to 10. This allows us to rotate the specimens once the introductory talk is finished. Please ensure a parking space is available.

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