Snake Awareness School Incursions

Program Details

Teach your children and staff valuable LIFE SKILLS. Encounters with venomous creatures in Australia are a fact of life, can be of great concern to many and surprisingly very few people have any real education in how to manage such encounters.

This life skills program is myth busting, reassuring and confidence building in understanding how to live amongst our infamous venomous wildlife.

  • Learning about some of our venomous creatures and how to avoid envenomation.
  • Understand Snake behaviour. Some facts and fiction.
  • Learn and practice simple proven snakebite first aid to save life of self, family and friends.
  • See real live venomous snakes (locked vivariums)
  • Meet and handle a couple of friendly non venomous pythons.
  • Venom – Teacher support material provided.

Education and personal empowerment – it is education and training – but we have some fun too.

Perfect for all ages, school camps, staff team building and those new to Australia.

Professional and knowledgeable “presenter”, herpetologist David Manning, is a DBCA Parks & Wildlife Service licensed and endorsed trainer of Snake Handling training courses for adults, part of occupational health and safety training.


Minimum booking fee: $897 + gst (equivalent to 3 sessions – additional sessions at $299 + gst each, Perth metro)

Maximum pupils per session: 30
Maximum sessions per day: 6
Session duration: 50 mins to 1 hour

(for outer Perth and country areas a mileage fee will apply.)

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Public Snake Awareness sessions also available.

Please see the Events Diary or contact the office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Safe?

We are DBCA Parks & Wildlife Service licensed and endorsed venomous snake catch and relocation trainers. We teach ‘grown ups’ how to catch snakes, but this workshop is NOT about catching snakes. It’s about awareness of dangerous wildlife and what to do in a serious situation. For example, say your child or their friend is bitten by a snake when down at the skate park or when camping.

What about Hygiene?

These creatures are surprisingly clean and all students and teachers are asked to wash hands after each session. We usually have soap free antiseptic hand wash available as well.

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